Because every host should be “holiday-friendly”:just one click to round-the-clock holiday bliss!Massage? Reserved. Dinner? Ordered to the room. Adventure? All planned ahead. Click. Click. Click. With Holidayfriend, your guests are always just one click away from the icing on the cake, from the cherry on top, the dream come true – you know what we mean! ;-)

Simple, straightforward, secure. And all as if made for you!Holidayfriend is YOUR friend too! Simple handling, no hidden costs, easily installed on all devices – and the Holidayfriend servers are all located in Europe, meaning all data will belong to you, so you communicate directly with your guests. What’s more, Holidayfriend can be cancelled at any time.
So what are you waiting for?
Test Holidayfriend free for three months!
On-demand guest service, problem-solver and good-mood-maker!Holidayfriend brings these concrete advantages:
  • So what can you offer?
    You can use the webapp to share any information, photos or tips about the accommodation and its surroundings with your guests.
  • Bring your offer to your guests!
    Spa bookings, shop orders or room service – you benefit from the fact that additional services are just one click away for your guests.
  • Get to know your guests!
    They can create a virtual wish list – and you get to know their preferences and can tailor your offer accordingly.
  • Because paperwork is a pain...
    ...Holidayfriend simplifies the check-in process – this can be done while on the way there, using the webapp.
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Holidayfriend is your round-the-clock butler! It makes life for both you and your holiday guests easier.

Rather a smart fellow – and one who comes in different sizes:

Three months free !

  • For small businesses
  • If you have up to 5 accommodation units, or is a bar or restaurant
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  • For medium-sized businesses
  • You have up to 20 accommodation units
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  • For larger establishments
  • You have so many accommodation units you can’t count them anymore
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