Everybody has to think about digitize processes."A new approach to working, together".The meaning of this concept is to make change where it is needed, and with Qualityfriend we make the task easier, more efficient and more satisfying - for employees* and employers*. Digitally integrate your processes and your team and take your business to the next level.
Made exactly for your needs!Recruiting, Onboarding, Quality Management, Problem solving and Happymaker!Holidayfriend is all this in one tool. Or in other words: one tool for everything. In any case, it is very interesting because it allows you to advertise jobs, recruit new employees and introduce them to your personal quality management.
Meaning of the story? Holidayfriend is always there for you and your employees, even when you are not! 🙂
Process management and onboarding just easy!Qualityfriend brings these concrete advantages:
  • So, what do you offer?
    You can share any information, manuals, your complete quality management with your employees via the web-app and the app, even before they start working.
  • Completely barrier-free recruitment!
    Your path to the right employee. Show your benefits on all websites and find the one that matches your needs.
  • Easy onboarding!
    Applications arrive directly in the backend. You can evaluate them immediately and select your dream candidates before they even start working in your quality management.
  • Collaboration and service optimisation like clockwork!
    Exceptional service, happy guests and an enthusiastic team are what drives us to do well. From assistance, to notes, task exchanges and much more, all in one.
  • How safe is my data?
    Don't worry, your data is absolutely safe with us. To be clear: your data will only be transferred via SSL encrypted connections. Holidayfriend is installed on Ionos servers and all your data belongs exclusively to you.
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Recruiting, Qualitmanagement, both?

The Qualityfriend is available to suit your needs.

Each with free trial version!