Because every host should be “holiday-and quality-friendly”:just one click to round-the-clock holiday bliss!Massage? Reserved. Dinner? Ordered to the room. Checklists? All planned ahead. Click. Click. Click. With Holidayfriend and the Qualityfriend, your guests are always just one click away from the icing on the cake and your employees have the time to be the cherry on top, the dream come true – you know what we mean! ;-)
Process management and onboarding just easy!Qualityfriend brings these concrete advantages:
  • So, what do you offer?
    You can share any information, manuals, your complete quality management with your employees via the web-app and the app, even before they start working.
  • Completely barrier-free recruitment!
    Your path to the right employee. Show your benefits on all websites and find the one that matches your needs.
  • Easy onboarding!
    Applications arrive directly in the backend. You can evaluate them immediately and select your dream candidates before they even start working in your quality management.
  • Collaboration and service optimisation like clockwork!
    Exceptional service, happy guests and an enthusiastic team are what drives us to do well. From assistance, to notes, task exchanges and much more, all in one.
  • How safe is my data?
    Don't worry, your data is absolutely safe with us. To be clear: your data will only be transferred via SSL encrypted connections. Holidayfriend is installed on Ionos servers and all your data belongs exclusively to you.
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On-demand guest service, problem-solver and good-mood-maker!Holidayfriend brings these concrete advantages:
  • So what can you offer?
    You can use the webapp to share any information, photos or tips about the accommodation and its surroundings with your guests.
  • Bring your offer to your guests!
    Spa bookings, shop orders or room service – you benefit from the fact that additional services are just one click away for your guests.
  • Get to know your guests!
    They can create a virtual wish list – and you get to know their preferences and can tailor your offer accordingly.
  • Because paperwork is a pain...
    ...Holidayfriend simplifies the check-in process – this can be done while on the way there, using the webapp.
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